Wi-Fi Credential Provisioning, Authentication and Management

wi-fi-credential-provisioning-whitepaper-front-coverWi-Fi technology is now ubiquitous, having gained widespread adoption among consumers, enterprises, vendors, and wireless service providers around the world. In large part, the popularity of Wi-Fi can be attributed to the simplicity of its design and its ease of use. While this simplicity has driven widespread Wi-Fi deployment and adoption, fragmentation in approaches to user authentication and security have created acute challenges for communication service providers (CSPs) looking to scale Wi-Fi service provisioning to millions of subscribers.

As a result, the majority of public Wi-Fi hotspots either lack proper network security, don’t provide an enjoyable user experience, or both. Not only do these challenges negatively impact end users, they also restrict a service provider’s ability to efficiently and effectively administer their network footprint. On the other hand, having the right tools to provision mobile devices with intelligent policy to maintain Wi-Fi security, seamless access and flexible roaming will enable a CSP to differentiate their network experience against those of competitors, while also facilitating cost savings from a network management perspective. 

To help CSPs optimize investments in Wi-Fi and provide the best and most secure user experience to end users, this whitepaper explores various approaches to credential authentication security and roaming access provisioning. To provide practical takeaways to the reader, this paper also makes recommendations on how to overcome common obstacles in providing seamless and secure Wi-Fi access to mobile end users.


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