Accelerate Your Device Launch Cycles

Obtaining carrier-certified compliance for the OMA-DM and LwM2M device management standards can slow time-to-market considerably. Updating device attributes such as firmware or management objects is complicated and expensive if not handled correctly. With a standards-based, proven approach, Smith Micro’s IoT solutions for OEMs accelerate time-to-market and streamline device updates.

Future-proof Your Device with Turnkey FOTA Support

Designing and manufacturing a device to serve one specific purpose within an industry vertical is a risky proposition. As quickly as connected devices evolve and use cases emerge, one marketplace shift could render your device obsolete. Enhance and extend the value of your device with a proven over-the-air update solution for connected device firmware and applications.

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Stand Out With Carrier Compliant Management Capabilities

Stand Out With Carrier-certified DM Compliance

Not only is it imperative to deliver a device that meets carrier device management requirements, your device must support for several other standardized management objects to remain in network. In addition to providing out-of-the-box carrier-certification for both OMA-DM and LwM2M, Smith Micro’s DM solution provides the flexibility to functionality to easily integrate new standardized and custom management objects.

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Fast-track API Integration

With well-defined integration interfaces and a simplified engagement model, Smith Micro’s API enables OEMs to easily customize the device client to meet their specific needs… all while remaining in compliance with carrier certified device management standards. Simply implement the Smith Micro OEM API and you have a working, carrier-ready solution for OMA-DM.

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Fault-tolerant Robustness; Complete Management Transparency

When updating essential device attributes over-the-air such as firmware or applications, update package integrity and validation are critical. Relying on proven, fault-tolerant update practices and secure, standards-based client-server communication, Smith Micro’s FOTA/AOTA offering provides the robustness and management transparency you need. Explore the complete platform to learn more.

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