Engage When and Where It Makes Sense

More so than ever before, brand differentiation comes down to customer experience. Using the power and intimacy enabled by mobile engagement, retailers and brands can deliver the memorable customer experiences they strive for IF… the engagement is relevant and valuable. Unfortunately, this has frequently not been the case with mobile engagement. Learn how adding context-rich engagement logic into your app can differentiate the mobile experience for your customers.

Is competition from eTailers killing your business?

Consumers love to shop on-line because it is convenient and on-demand. No waiting in lines, annoying crowds or out-of-stock items. By integrating adaptive engagement logic into their loyalty apps, innovative retailers can regain the competitive edge with memorable in-store experiences that build customer loyalty and increase mobile engagement. Watch this short demonstration video to learn how Captivate can help you boost customer loyalty through optimized mobile engagement.

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Are your mobile offers missing the mark?

When it comes to mobile engagement, consumers expect relevant, valuable offers. Using demographic information and simplistic location-based triggers to drive mobile engagement won’t deliver mobile interactions that meet these standards. On the other hand, sophisticated, multi-trigger engagement scenarios that consider customer dwell time, purchase history and device behavior will enable this level of engagement. Listen to this webinar recording to learn how.

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Are your branded mobile experiences falling flat?

Many brands have invested serious time and money developing customer engagement strategies specifically for mobile only to see these efforts fail. To truly deliver value and grow brand equity, brands must provide mobile engagement that is in-synch with each consumer’s real-life situation and adds value where it is needed. Download our brochure to learn how Captivate enables brands to design context-rich mobile engagement scenarios.

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Is lack of integration killing your mobile strategy?

Mobile engagement should complement and enhance other forms of customer engagement. Unfortunately for most retailers and brands, this isn’t the case resulting in an aggravating and redundant mobile experience. To address this issue, Captivate complements and extends your existing technology investments by integrating with and enhancing the capabilities of other systems. Listen to this webinar recording to learn how.

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